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Erin Bannink

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About Me

I am a board certified veterinary oncologist living in Michigan who practices integrative oncology with Classical Chinese Medicine. I am a yogi who has extensively studied Meditation, Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy, Positive Psychology, Buddhist Logic and Inner Body Yoga. I am a human being who has been through the challenges, traumas and growths of specialty veterinary medicine training and practice, organized religion, and "spiritual gurus" and, eventually, found deep fulfillment and personal empowerment on the other side of all those invaluable life-changing experiences. 

The "Why" Behind MettaPets Veterinarian Wellness Network

I've been leading spiritual development workshops, retreats, and meditation classes for over 12 years in my yoga and DivinePowerHouse communities. Many of those attending recently have been veterinary colleagues. I can see there is a thirst for community and positive connection in our profession; a need to connect with each other heart to heart; a need to find greater balance in our lives; a need to help each other on our personal journeys outside of "talking shop". There is also a great need to transform the wellness habits of our profession. Changing the culture of a profession starts with empowering individuals to create positive change in our lives. Enter Opportunity.

I've built MettaPets Veterinarian Wellness Network to bring together veterinarians who are seeking to improve their well-being and are interested in engaging in a journey of Self-discovery and Self-mastery based on empowering and time-tested principles from ancient yogic traditions, buddhist mind training techniques, ancient mystery school perspectives, and Mindfulness practices alongside modern positive psychology research in a supportive community of compassionate peers so that we can develop life-skills to:

  • create greater happiness in our lives
  • make better decisions for our wellness
  • experience greater self-acceptance
  • improve our sense of self-worth and purpose
  • contribute in positive ways to the health of our profession
  • together, create a thriving personal and professional life


In a nutshell, I created MettaPets Veterinarian Wellness Network to bring you together with other passionate and compassionate veterinarians ready to create positive change in your lives. Here we focus on whole-being wellness by exploring the inter-relation between 

  • mindfulness
  • meditation
  • yoga philosophy 
  • positive psychology 
  • spirituality 
  • physical movement practices

and use these tools to create a Thriving Life together. 

In other words, we value and explore the interplay between 

  • body, mind, emotions and spirit 

and how we can bring these aspects of our Self into harmony to create greater wellbeing.

We do all this in a community of veterinary peers who share common life experiences, challenges, interest and heart.



Relating to or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.

I'm passionate about the importance of standing in our own power, owning our experiences, and cultivating balance in our mind-body-spirit-emotions as a rewarding path to finding deep healing, well-being, happiness and life satisfaction. 

With consistent mindful effort, dedication to the work of personal transformation, and the right motivation, I believe these goals are possible for everyone. A supportive and accepting community is an important foundation to create a safe place for self-exploration and being accountable to making our wellness a priority. 



to change in character or condition

Together, we can increase the health of the veterinary profession and the people in it, starting with ourselves.

Why You Should Join Us

MettaPets Veterinarian Wellness Network offers Wellness MasterClass Trainings and other "Whole-Self" Wellness Events, by Veterinarians for Veterinarians, in a Veterinarian-exclusive Community.

As veterinarians who are seeking happiness, fulfillment and career satisfaction, together we will reflect on the journey of personal and spiritual growth as it relates to our life and career, share stories about our experience, and support each other in improving our "whole-self" health and balance so that we can master practices, habits and attitudes that are important to our well-being and are nearly impossible to do on our own. 

This network brings together compassionate and respectful veterinarians, like you, who are open to new ways of thinking about the world and are looking for events, masterclasses, and discussions that will improve your ability to engage with the challenges and triumphs of life in a way that creates greater well-being. By acknowledging and exploring the inter-dependence of body-mind-emotional-spiritual health and developing self-mastery around these topics, you will keep your sense of purpose alive, cultivate a fulfilling practice, and bring more joy to your life. 

In a supportive, kind and compassionate community of your peers you will enjoy exclusive masterclasses and events to help you create healthy new habits and explore new perspectives that support a balanced life and improve your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellness.

If you are a veterinarian who is interested in creating positive connections with a diverse community of veterinary professionals who embody a variety of  views about life and healing, who is open to new ways of thinking about life and the world, who values the acknowledgement of spiritual and soul development as part of a comprehensive path to "whole-self wellness" and who is dedicated to treating others with unwavering respect, consideration and kindness in order to create a supportive community for healing, improved well-being and thriving by exploring tools such as meditation, mindfulness, yoga, eastern philosophy, buddhist mind-training techniques and mind-body-spirit integration practices, this is your place! I invite you to join us.

Exclusive Wellness MasterClasses

Our first live Wellness MasterClass, Metta Meditation, ran from January 24 - March 13. You can enroll in a self-study version of this MasterClass now and move through the material at your own pace. 

This, our first Wellness Masterclass, is on Metta Meditation, an ancient loving-kindness practice still relevant in these modern times where stress, overwhelm, perfectionism, self-criticism and social divisiveness are common obstacles to experiencing stability in our happiness and emotional wellbeing.

The Metta Meditation MasterClass is designed to set you up for success in creating transformative results so that you will experience greater wellbeing and develop new healthy daily wellness habits for continued growth even after the course is over.

Get full details on the MasterClass here.

Register for the MasterClass now by logging into your account and going to MasterClasses in the MVWN menu.

Later this year I will be launching the Mindfulness for Stress Reduction Wellness MasterClass. 

A Big Thanks

A big thanks to everyone who is making an effort to create more peace in their own hearts and lives. That peace ripples out to those around you, the work that you do and to the whole world. Your personal responsibility and intelligent effort toward self-mastery helps everyone. Through your example, you make this world a place of greater Kindness, Love, Compassion and Human Thriving. That's a world we all want to live in!

About MettaPets Veterinarian Wellness Network (MVWN)

MettaPets Veterinarian Wellness Network is a community of veterinarians looking to share and receive positive heart-centered support to empower ourselves to create greater emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing so that we can experience greater life and career satisfaction. Here we acknowledge the important interaction and interdependence of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness in experiencing wholeness, authenticity, deep healing, happiness and personal thriving. Our spiritual "Self" is beyond any religion, creed or belief and informs our experience of life. When we bring these four aspects of "Self" into harmony, our efforts to optimize our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellness will realize their full potential.

In MettaPets Veterinarian Wellness Network we acknowledge and respect that each of us in on a personal journey to find the path forward that works best for us and authentically honors our own unique beliefs, interests and views about the world and life. Here we celebrate our differences and focus on how we can come together and support each other in a common goal of increasing our Whole-being wellness. We understand that spirituality looks different for everyone and that there is not one "right" path for everyone other than a path grounded in the Universal Truths of Love and Kindness. Here, we accept AND honor our differences and celebrate the opportunity to support each other on this wild ride we call "Life". It is through a path of self-empowerment, self-responsibility and Love that we will heal ourselves and our communities.

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